Supporting the Women's Forest in the Alto Mayo

November 30, 2020
Our Impact

Supporting the Women's Forest in the Alto Mayo

We get a real kick from seeing the impact the money you help us raise has on the world. This month we’re zooming in on the indigenous women of the Alto Mayo forest in Peru, one of our four projects.

Together, we’ve helped these amazing ladies reclaim their ancestral land and supported them to grow traditional plants like yucca and herbal medicine tea. They now sell these, bringing money and jobs back into their community, meaning they no longer need to sell off their land to the highest bidder just to survive. This action has directly protected the forest from illegal logging. 

It’s down to the funding from your MyTrees subscription that Arlita Betsy Antuash Paaty, one of the women of the Alta Mayo forest, can now benefit from growing traditional rainforest crops which helps to keep this critical area of nature alive. To see more about Arlita and the other lovely ladies of the Alta Mayo watch the video we’ve made with our partner Conservation International here.

A productive plot in the Alto Mayo Women's Forest ©Conservation International

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