Chyulu Hills, Kenya

Safeguarding the Chyulu Hills, Kenya

Safeguarding the Chyulu Hills, Kenya

The Chyulu Hills

The Chyulu Hills are located in the south west of Kenya and is home to the Massai people, local farmers and iconic wildlife. The green volcanic hills provide a sharp contrast to other landscapes across Kenya. The hills operate as a vital water catchment area for the Mzima Springs and Tsavoand Galana Rivers, this undisturbed wilderness is home to a large selection of game, from large mammals including rhino, elephants, leopards, buffalo, giraffes and a vast array of reptiles andInsects. However the hills are experiencing unsustainable land use and deforestation.

Safeguarding the Chyulu Hills, Kenya

Funds from the Conservation International project you support, safeguard the Chyulu Hills water catchment and support employment of forest and game rangers to protect the trees and provide the Maasai people and local communities with improved social services in health and education, employment and business opportunities.

The cloud forest on top of the Chyulu Hills © Charlie Shoemaker

Project aims and objectives

People: Over 14,000 indigenous people rely directly on the health of this ecosystem

Biodiversity: an integral part of Kenya’s largest conservation landscape protecting a critical corridor in an inter-connected protected areas system of more

than 30,000 km2.

Climate: Will prevent an estimated 18 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted over the next 30 years

Safeguarding the Chyulu Hills, Kenya

Safeguarding the Chyulu Hills, Kenya

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